Electrostatic Guns

  • Unique - Our Electrostatic ULV Fogger Sprayer includes the most advanced tech from both ULV Fogger and Electrostatic Sprayers; Our unit is capable of Ultra Low Volume droplets below 50μm/Mm (microns), while positively charging disinfectant for 360° coverage, by attraction of positive and negative particles
  • Specs - Powered by a 20V DC 150W Li-Ion Driven Electric Motor; Achievable Coverage of 1000' Feet per minute; Effective Spray Distance of 16' Feet and 15,000 Sqft of Coverage per tank; Max Fluid Capacity of 45oz/1.3L Max Flow Rate
  • Integrity - Built for fast diffusion and strong penetration studies show electrostatic charged fog/mist is ideal for fighting pathogens/vector carriers and can control humidity in a guitar factory, wine barrel storage, greenhouse or plant preparation room